Community Guidelines

We, at MeTime (the Platform) want to create and continue to be an authentic and safe global community for expression. Our Community Guidelines define a common code of conduct on the Platform. Our aim is to allow our community to help maintain a safe shared space for all the users on our platform.

By using MeTime, you agree to these Community Guidelines and our Terms of Service. We are committed to these guidelines and we expect the same from our users. Our goal is to cultivate a platform for authentic communications by keeping deceptive content and mischievous accounts off our platform.

Our Community Guidelines apply to everyone, and to everything shared on MeTime. They provide general guidance on what is and what is not allowed on our platform. We remove content from our Platform including video, audio, image, and text that violates our Community Guidelines, and disable accounts, or impose other restrictions.

In some cases, we may allow content for public awareness which would otherwise go against our Community Guidelines – if it is newsworthy and in the public interest.

Prohibition of illegal activities and regulated goods.
  • The trade, sale, promotion, and use of certain regulated goods, as well as the depiction or promotion of criminal activities is prohibited and the content uploaded on our platform is regularly monitored.
  • Our Platform is not a place to support or praise terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups.
  • We prohibit the promotion or depiction of
    • sexual services,
    • buying or selling of firearms,
    • alcohol
    • tobacco products, and
    • buying or selling of illegal or prescription drugs, or
    • sale of live animals, and
    • poaching or selling of endangered species.
  • Promotion of criminal activities that are punishable by law, including but not limited to theft, assault, human exploitation, and kidnapping. MeTime does not want such behaviour to be normalized or imitated, thus we will remove content or disable the accounts that promote criminal activities.
  • The depiction, trade, or promotion of firearms, ammunition, firearm accessories, or explosive weapons is prohibited subject to certain exceptions.
  • Promotion or depiction of use or trade of drugs or other controlled substances is also prohibited.
Prohibition of violent and graphic content.
  • Any content that is extremely gruesome or promotes abject violence or suffering of humans or animals will be removed from our Platform or the accounts will be disabled. There are some exceptions for certain circumstances, for example, content that is newsworthy or meant to raise awareness about issues.
  • If we find a genuine risk of violence or threat to public safety, we will take legal actions with the help of relevant governmental authorities as may be necessary.
Prohibition of content promoting suicide or self-injury.
  • Any content that promotes participation in dangerous activities that could lead to self injury is prohibited and will be removed from our platform.
  • Any content that promotes, glorifies or praises suicide or self-harm will be removed from our platform, including but not limited to attempted suicide or content featuring a person committing or intending to commit acts that are likely to lead to self-inflicted death.
  • But, we may allow content that is intended to share experiences with others on the Platform in order to raise awareness about the issues or to find support, or provide resources.
  • MeTime also strongly urges users who are struggling with thoughts of self-harm or suicide to immediately contact legal authorities or a suicide prevention hotline; or users who know someone who is seriously considering suicide or self-harm to immediately contact legal authorities or a suicide prevention hotline.
Prohibition of hate speech.
  • We want to create a positive and supportive community on our platform. We do not encourage violence or attack on anyone because of their caste, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disabilities, or diseases.
  • Any content that contains
    • credible threats or hate speech,
    • content that targets private individuals to degrade or shame them,
    • personal information meant to blackmail or harass someone, and
    • repeated unwanted messages will be removed from the Platform and the accounts will be disabled or suspended.
  • Any content that verbally or physically threatens violence including but not limited to threats of physical harm to person, theft, vandalism or depicts harm to an individual or a group will be removed from our platform and in certain cases, it will be reported to legal authorities depending on the severity. We carefully review reports of threats and consider many things when determining whether a threat is credible.
Prohibition of adult nudity and sexual acts
  • Any content that is sexually explicit including but not limited to photos, videos, animations and some digitally-created content that shows pornography, sexual intercourse, sexual abuse, full nudity or display of genitals is prohibited on our Platform for the safety of our users and will be removed.
  • Any account committing multiple violations hereunder will be suspended by us.
Safety of minors.
  • Our Platform wishes to create a safe environment for all our users and we have zero tolerance for predatory or grooming behaviour toward minors
  • Any content that depicts or disseminates child abuse, child nudity, or sexual exploitation of children in both digital and real world format will be removed from our platform and we will report such content to relevant legal authorities.
  • Any content depicting minors engaged in criminal acts or delinquent behaviour including but not limited to consuming alcohol, drugs or tobacco is prohibited and will be removed and in some cases reported to the relevant legal authorities.
  • Further, when parents upload photos or videos of their children, we may remove the said content if the post shows nude or partially-nude children in order to protect the minor and their parents.
  • All users must meet minimum age requirements to use MeTime (as stipulated in our Terms of Services). When underage account holders are identified, we disable their accounts from our platform.
Authenticity of users and content.
  • Any content that is intended to deceive or mislead any of our users or endangers our trust-based community of MeTime will be removed from our platform. This includes activities such as spamming, impersonation, and disinformation campaigns.
  • Any user found to impersonating other individuals or organizations in order to deceive or mislead the public or users is prohibited. We will remove the violating accounts, on investigating the complaints or reports received.
  • Any content consisting of misinformation that could cause harm to our community or the larger public is prohibited. We will remove misinformation that could cause harm to an individuals health or wider public safety which may incite fear, hate, panic, etc.
Intellectual Property.
  • On MeTime, we urge our users to post only authentic content, and not post anything which is copied or collected from the Internet or content that you don’t have the right to post.
  • Any content posted by a user which violates or infringes someone else’s intellectual property rights or other common law rights will be removed from our platform.
Submit a report.
  • If you see something that you think may violate our guidelines, please help us by reporting it to us at . We have a dedicated team that reviews these reports and works as quickly as possible to remove content that doesn’t meet our guidelines. When you are submitting a report, try to provide as much information as possible, such as links, usernames, and descriptions of the content, so we can find and review it quickly.
  • We may work with relevant legal authorities, including when we believe that there’s risk of physical harm or threat to public safety.

Thank you for being a part of our MeTime community and helping us to create a safe environment for all the users.