How accessible Is MeTime?
  • MeTime is open to all.
  • It provides an equal opportunity for everyone to showcase their skill and go viral.
  • The platform encourages people to post their skill, connect with one another and form a community solely on talent.
  • Our goal is to tap into unmapped potential of our country, provide the youth a platform to explore and express their creativity and simply entertain the masses with just a click.
How to make a viral video?
  • Record a new video or Upload an old Video.
  • You can then play around with the features.
  • Select from a range of amazing filters.
  • Add text.
Can you record short videos?
  • You can record short videos of 15sec or 30 sec with the Timer option.
  • You can also trim long videos with the Adjust Clip option and select the timeframe you desire.
Who all can see my videos?
  • You may choose to have a public account, wherein your videos/profile will be visible to all.
  • You may choose to have a private account wherein the videos will be visible only to your followers.
  • You can search for your friends/colleagues with their unique username to follow them.
How can I connect with similar accounts?
  • MeTime can automatically connect you to or suggest your profile to other users with similar interests.
  • This helps you to enjoy similar content and increase your followers.
  • You can manually select to show or hide your account to others with the following steps: – Settings and Privacy > Account. – Privacy and safety option > Suggest your account to other
How do I interact with other users?
  • You can like, comment and share videos of other users.
  • Our chat feature is coming soon.
How can I block users?
  • – Settings and Privacy > Account. – Privacy and Safety option > Block users
Where all can I share my videos?
  • Once you upload a video you can share it to your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to increase your popularity and make the video go viral.
  • You can also share videos of other people on your timeline from Metime to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Social Media connectivity will help the Metime community to grow, broadcast the talent.
Can I upload and old video and edit?
  • MeTime allows you to upload an old video and go all out exploring your creativity.
  • You can adjust the clip, add sound, dialogue and effects, turning an old clip into a fun entertainer.
What type of content is available to browse?
  • MeTime has an infinite amount of entertainment to browse.
  • You can search for the content that interests you the most and explore with common and popular hashtags.
  • The search section also keeps you updated with what is Trending. Dancing, Music, Acting, Dialogue delivery, Editing, MeTime has the full-time entertainment dose.
How can I report an issue?
  • You can report any issue with MeTime app or any other user, we will revert with a solution as soon as possible.
  • Settings and Privacy > Support > Report Problem